No more asthma inhalants for my kids!!!
Anthony and Jhamilet Delgado came into the office with a very (unfortunate) common condition known as asthma. This prevented the kids from playing normally in many games, particularly those that involved running. Why should children be prevented from any type of healthy fun? That is the reason they were brought to Dr. Furshman, a doctor dedicated to children as much as adults. After only three weeks of chiropractic care, both Anthony and Jhamilet were able to note a difference in their health. In fact, only after their first week of adjustments they were finally able to breathe on their own, without the use of any medications! When asked how chiropractic care improved their life, Anthony and Jhamilet replied, “In a magical way. It’s the best!” Their mother notes that they are able to sleep through the night and exhibit better behavior overall as well. Both kids have been able to return to regular, fun, exercise and play. They enjoy coming for their adjustments, “ the staff is the very very best!” they claim happily. Their mother confirms this, and adds” the Dr. too- he’s wonderful and we love him. Thanks. God Bless you always.”

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