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Autism and Chronic Otis Media

This case report describes a five-year-old girl with autism. She first presented for chirpractic care at age 3-1/2 She was non-verbal, had marked compulsive disorder and daily rituals including: constantly rocking anterior to posterior; banging her head, regularly inflicting damage; and frequently becoming violent to herself and others. She had profound difficulty relating to others, […]


Gustavo Antonio Marturet is a sweet and loving boy. His diagnosis of autism however has caused him to be hyperactive and unfocused at times. We learned about the chiropractor Dr. Hobie Furshman through the Carrie Brazer Center for Autism, and started taking to Gustavo for regular adjustments in addition to the one he receives in […]


Marlon began in our office nine months ago. He came in hope of helping him with his scoliosis. His medical doctor referred him to us. To Marlon’s mom, Ana’s delight, not only has his spine straightened dramatically, but many of his autistic symptoms have improved as well. Marlon became Autistic after a vaccination he received […]