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No Energy & Headaches..not fun!!

Betty is a beautiful lady. She is a nurse who loves to help her patients and bring them happiness throughout their rough times. But it is a tough job when you are not feeling well and your spirits are low too. When Betty’s wonderful neighbor Sandy, brought her along to take the journey of a […]

Back Pain, Lack of Energy

Marcella came to our office suffering from back pain, lack of energy and curved spine. These problems were interfering on her daily routine. Her lack of energy was depressing; she was oversleeping and had no strength. Within seven weeks, Marcella noticed amazing improvements. Now she is able to walk all day long in order to […]

Hypertension, Sleeping Problems & Low Energy

I found out about Chiropractic through my husband, Seth. I suffered from hypertension and thoracic sprain. These problems interfered with many daily routines. It hindered my physical abilities. I had problems sleeping and eating disturbments as well. When I began care, I noticed the changes immediately. The release of stress upon my first adjustment was […]