Marlon began in our office nine months ago. He came in hope of helping him with his scoliosis. His medical doctor referred him to us. To Marlon’s mom, Ana’s delight, not only has his spine straightened dramatically, but many of his autistic symptoms have improved as well.
Marlon became Autistic after a vaccination he received at three years of age. “My son was perfect until the shots,” Ana stated. Now with his chiropractic care, Marlon is more focused, has better communication, and shows great improvement in his school work. As a matter of fact, Marlon, for the first time is on the honor roll at school. Ana says that on M,W,F, Marlon is waiting for his mom to take him for his adjustment. She says that even though he doesn’t say it, Marlon loves being adjusted. He feels at peace when he comes to the office. We are so proud of you Marlon. You are a blessing.

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