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Did you know that according to Newsweek (April 2004), the number one cause of disability in our country is arthritis? Did you know that the best way to help the body heal from, as well as prevent arthritis is through maintaining spinal alignment? When the body is aligned, there is less degree of wear and […]

Low Back Pain

Mrs. Muinos was referred to our office by her friend Mrs. Sanchez de Varona. When she first came to the office, she was suffering from severe low back pain. Mrs. Muinos has always been a very active individual, even with her pains. Since starting care, she is happy to report that her back pain has […]


Mrs. Triay was referred to our office by her good friend Madeline. When she first came to our office, she was suffering from COPD and after only 3 months of care, Mrs. Triay began to notice some significant improvements! Prior to her starting care, Mrs. Triay used to get Pneumonia at least 2-3 times a […]

Migraines & Neck Pain

Mrs. Alvarez came into our office seeking relief from migraines and neck pain. Originally, Mrs. Alvarez was forced to miss work due to her extreme pains. After only three months of care, she began to feel improvements in her neck pain and migraine headaches. At that point, Mrs. Alvarez was even able to reduce all […]

Lower Back Pain from 2 Failed Surgeries

Adolfo was referred to our office by his dear friend Encina. He originally came into our practice due to his lower back pain which he had been suffering from for many years. Adolfo had previously had two surgeries on his back and still continued to have pain. Adolfo started to notice improvements within only two […]