I was luckily introduced to Chiropractic through my wife, Elda. She has been a patient of Dr. Furshman for about 4 months now & I have noticed that she has gone from severe low back pain to very mild low back pain in only a short period of time(considering she has suffered from this symptom for a few years now). I decided to get checked one day because I heard that Chiropractic helps with asthma. I have had asthma all my life and never thought it can be helped another way other than my inhalants. I would have asthma attacks every night and I was unable to get a night’s sleep. This also affected my day. I had no energy throughout my day because I was not getting sleep at night. I noticed that this was affecting my marriage because I was chronically moody and my wife and I were not getting along(at least I was not letting us get along).
I began to get adjusted on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays regularly for about 1 month when I noticed my improvements. I had less and less asthma attacks at night. I am now completely off my inhalants. I am getting my sleep and I have more energy throughout my day. This is a new life for me! Throughout my care, I have also realized that my knee pain that I had suffered from was completely gone, as well as the cramps I would get on my legs. Looks like the Doc took care of that pinching on my lower spine that was causing the cramps and knee pain. I love this new life and I love the energy I have been feeling throughout my body. Thank you Dr .Furshman for my new life!

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