Back Pains, Asthma, and Inhalants

Tannia Laracuente works next door to Furshman and Davis Chiropractic Care, she is a music teacher. Upon hearing that her neighbor was a chiropractor she immediately began care. Tannia had horrible back pains due to an accident she had, asthma, and headaches. She notes that after approximately one month, she was able to feel a difference in her body. She was experiencing relief- free of drugs or any other foreign aid. Tannia has actually been able to discontinue medications that before were masking the true problems her body was desperately trying to communicate. The chiropractic care she has received from Dr. Furshman has improved her life a great deal, and has actually minimized menstrual cramps as well! Something Tannia was unaware of. She has been able to return to exercise and other missed activities that were prevented from her because of her painful back. Tannia is delighted with the chiropractic care she has received from Dr. Furshman, “Excellent care, treatment, and staff. I feel like I’m at home!” Inevitably the comfort that the doctor and his staff have achieved to create was a success.
No more asthma inhalants for my kids!!!

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