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Did you know that according to Newsweek (April 2004), the number one cause of disability in our country is arthritis? Did you know that the best way to help the body heal from, as well as prevent arthritis is through maintaining spinal alignment? When the body is aligned, there is less degree of wear and […]

Improve Your Workout

Did you know that a healthy and aligned spine would improve your workouts? Did you know that a pinched nerve due to a misaligned spine would prevent healing times between workouts and make one susceptible to injuries during workouts? If you know of someone that wants to maximize his or her workouts, ask for an […]

Chiropractic is #1 in Patient Satisfaction

Did you know that in the past three years, more people visited chiropractors and other non-medical practitioners than medical doctors? Did you know that in this study, people showed more satisfaction with these non-medical practitioners visits? Did you know that by seeing a Chiropractor, you are not truly seeing an alternative provider, but are actually […]


Feeling dizzy? According to Dr. Becker, M.D., vertigo (known as dizziness) can be caused by blockage of the Atlanto-Axil joint. This joint is the space between the first and second bone. Chiropractic adjustments can help unblock this space and help the body heal. If you have family, friends, or loved ones suffering from vertigo, ask […]