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No more asthma inhalants for my kids!!! Anthony and Jhamilet Delgado came into the office with a very (unfortunate) common condition known as asthma. This prevented the kids from playing normally in many games, particularly those that involved running. Why should children be prevented from any type of healthy fun? That is the reason they […]

Back Pains, Asthma, and Inhalants

Tannia Laracuente works next door to Furshman and Davis Chiropractic Care, she is a music teacher. Upon hearing that her neighbor was a chiropractor she immediately began care. Tannia had horrible back pains due to an accident she had, asthma, and headaches. She notes that after approximately one month, she was able to feel a […]

Sciatic Pains & Asthma

Sciatic Pains & Asthma Romina is a wonderful massage therapist. She enjoys massaging her patients and relaxing them; taking them to a peaceful place while they lie down and let her magical hands do the work. But it’s hard to help her clients relax and enjoy when she cannot do the same. Romina suffered from […]


GN came in to our office for a physical evaluation, so he could participate in school sports. Dr. Davis learned from this physical that GN suffered from asthma. GN started his chiropractic care. He noticed his breathing becoming easier after only 2 weeks! He no longer uses the inhaler he needed before starting his care. […]


Tyler was introduced to Chiropractic through his dad’s friend, Gerry. He came in our office because he had severe asthma. His asthma caused him to miss days at school as well as inhibit him from enjoying sports. They were at the emergency room at least once a month. Tyler and his parents after only three […]