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Delayed Speech

Did you know that a pinched nerve at the top of the spine can lead to delayed speech in children? Did you know that by correcting this pinched nerve, usually children begin to speak faster? If you know of someone who has children who have not begun to communicate and are concerned, ask for an […]

Poor Posture – Mala Postura

Poor Posture Did you know that poor posture such as forward slouching is caused by too little of a neck curve? Did you know that consistent spinal alignments called adjustments enable one to get back their necessary spinal curve? Did you know that event the elderly can be helped through spinal alignments? If you know […]

Ovarian Cysts

Did you know that reoccurring cysts of the ovaries is caused by a miscommunication from the brain? Did you know that a pinched nerve in the spine could cause this miscommunication? Did you know that we have seen many cases where corrected pinched nerves have reduced, even prevented, the reoccurring cysts? If you know of […]


Did you know that osteoporosis is a diseases that causes the bones to become so weak that they can break with little or no pressure? Taking calcium tablets is not an effective way to help with osteoporosis. Keeping the spine aligned is the best possible prevention and care for osteoporosis. Therefore, if you now someone […]