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Low Back Pain

Mrs. Muinos was referred to our office by her friend Mrs. Sanchez de Varona. When she first came to the office, she was suffering from severe low back pain. Mrs. Muinos has always been a very active individual, even with her pains. Since starting care, she is happy to report that her back pain has […]

Lower Back Pain from 2 Failed Surgeries

Adolfo was referred to our office by his dear friend Encina. He originally came into our practice due to his lower back pain which he had been suffering from for many years. Adolfo had previously had two surgeries on his back and still continued to have pain. Adolfo started to notice improvements within only two […]

Book Bags

Did you know that carrying heavy book bags and sitting in class for extended periods of time are main causes for pinched nerves and results in back pain and/or strain in school age children? If you have children in school that are using backpacks, have them checked for pinched nerves. You could also bring the […]

Mid Back Pain While Driving

Did you know that chronic mid back pain while driving can be alleviated through improving one’s cervical posture? Did you know that our care, the atlas adjustment, improve one’s posture? If you know of someone that drives long hours and has mid back pain, ask for an invitation. You could truly improve one’s life.

Coral Gables Chiropractic Center Relieves Patient of Hip, Low Back, and Leg Pain

Coral Gables Chiropractic Center Relieves Patient of Hip, Low Back, and Leg Pain The most rewarding aspect of a chiropractor’s job is bringing clients back into balance and enabling them to live their lives naturally. One recent example of a patient rehabilitated to enjoying life as it should be is a competitive dancer. She came […]

Leg, low back, and hip pain treated in Coral Gables chiropractic office