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Arthritis Pain

Joyce Manganiello originally came to our office suffering with severe arthritis pain. Joyce’s friend, Scarlet, referred her, to reach optimal health. After only one week of Chiropractic Care, Joyce noticed a change. The pain decreased, as well as the medications. She stopped taking her prescription medications(Celebrex, Vioxx, Bextra), and all of the over the counter […]


I am a person who has suffered from arthritis in the lower back for many years. I always had difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. I am a retired man and want to make the best of my retired life because I always worked real hard in the past and need this time […]


Annie B. suffered a condition that many feel there is no helping. She, like most, thought her only help was Tylenol, or some other form of painkiller. Thankfully, Annie approached the Furshman and Davis Family Chiropractic Centers’ booth at her church health fair. There, she learned her arthritis was the result of pinched nerves, caused […]

Arthritis in Hands

Our lovely Betty had been suffering from arthritis in the hands for many years. She was on three different types of arthritis medications. Her friend, Sandy recommended that she received chiropractic care. Betty began care in our office and started receiving adjustments on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It has been three months now and Betty […]

Spinal Arthritis

I found out about Chiropractic Care originally by my mother. I had suffered from slight degeneration on my lower spine. I knew that I had to see a chiropractor so I began to see Dr. Furshman. These problems interfered with my daily routines by reducing my energy along with some back aches. On top of […]