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Dizziness, Headaches, Low Back Pain, Constipation and Nausea

Johanel was introduced to chiropractic through Octavio. She came to our office because she was suffering from dizziness, headaches, low back pain constipation and nausea. Johanel is a nurse at a hospital so because of her severe conditions it was very difficult for her to handle lifting or moving around the patients or just handle […]

Insomnia, Dizziness, Numbness in Arms and Shoulder Pain

Giovanni was introduced to Chiropractic through Olga. He came to our office because he was suffering from insomnia, dizziness, numbness in arms, and shoulder pain. Due to the severity of pain Giovanni’s work was now being affected. Giovanni’s job entails long hours in front of a computer. With the above mentioned pain his job performance […]

Dizziness & Back Pain

Elena was introduced to chiropractic by her fellow co-workers Edgar and Norma Gonzalez. Prior to this, she spent long hours in bed resting, due to the fact that every time she went to get up she would instantly get dizzy. Not only did it interfere with her life at home, but, also with her daily […]

Dizziness and Weight Loss

Hilda Alonso was referred into our office by her mother , Noemi. She entered our office suffering from dizziness. After just 2 adjustments, Hilda Alonso noticed significant improvements! She has a lot more energy, she has less colds and she has even lost weight. If Hilda saw results in such little time, anyone else can […]