Rheaumatoid Arthritis and Myasthenia Gravis

Claudia Rocha originally came to our office suffering from debilitating pain and constant fatigue due to “immune system dysfunction”. Her medical doctor told her she would not be able to find relief without medication. Dr. Martinoff referred Claudia to our office in order to reach optimal health and avoid more medications. After only 4 weeks of consistent adjustments, Claudia noticed a change. She regained her strength and her pain decreased significantly. Claudia was also able to decrease the dosage of two medications and completely stop taking two other medications! She was able to return to exercising 5 days a week, including spinning and boot camp! Claudia can now do all the activities she was able to do before the medical doctors told her there was no hope for improvement. Claudia says,”If you trust in Gof and believe in true health you can make changes and notice amazing improvements despite what anyone says.”
Claudia is now referring her friends and family and spreading the truth about Chiropractic care. Congratulations on your progress Claudia!!

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