I am a person who has suffered from arthritis in the lower back for many years. I always had difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. I am a retired man and want to make the best of my retired life because I always worked real hard in the past and need this time to enjoy and relax. Well it is quite difficult to relax when you are having pains in the low back area. The arthritis seemed to me like it was something that would haunt you for the rest of your life. I thought that this was my life and this is what I have to cope with. Well apparently not…thanks to Chiropractic. A new miracle has come about in my life. I have been receiving adjustments now for 1 ½ months and I can say that I am a new man. I am living the retired life that I always dreamed of. I am able to get up every morning and start a wonderful day. I am especially up bright and early on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s to go to Hobies and get my adjustment. In 1 ½ months I cannot say that the pain is completely gone, but this takes time. If I have already experienced what I have in the past 1 ½ months, I can’t wait to see what will happen in more time.

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