Arthritis Pain

Joyce Manganiello originally came to our office suffering with severe arthritis pain. Joyce’s friend, Scarlet, referred her, to reach optimal health. After only one week of Chiropractic Care, Joyce noticed a change. The pain decreased, as well as the medications. She stopped taking her prescription medications(Celebrex, Vioxx, Bextra), and all of the over the counter pain meds, and says”I feel great with no poisons in my body”. Joyce has stayed consistent with her workouts at Curves, and has lost 17 inches. Her success with Chiropractic led to her referring many friends to our office. Joyce says, “ Dr. Davis is fantastic, and the office staff is great!” She adds, “ I really didn’t have much faith in chiropractic at first. Now I am so pleased I stuck to it.” So are we Joyce! Congrads on your progress and thank you for spreading the truth about Chiropractic Care!
High Blood Pressure, hypothyroidism, arthritis, knee problems & obesity
I found out about Chiropractic through my daughter, Leticia. I suffered from high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, arthritis, knee problems & obesity. These problems interfered with my daily routines. My skeleton was too weak to carry my weakening body. When I began chiropractic care, I noticed that improvement immediately. Chiropractic has definitely made a huge change in my life. I highly recommend chiropractic to anyone who want to be healthy!

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