Carpel Tunnel Syndrome “CTS”

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) occurs when a nerve that goes into the hand is pinched at the wrist, or even at the spine. Swelling of the tendons responsible for moving the fingers can cause it. It usually begins with tingling in the hands, and can progress into weakening of the muscles, and finally atrophy of muscles in the effected hand. It can be painful and very uncomfortable to the sufferer. Rose Uranga suffered with CTS for two years, before her loved ones, Frank, Sylvia, and Lourdes , brought her in to our office for evaluation. She learned how her condition was just a signal that there was a problem with her spine. Rose started her care and after 9 months of adjustments, she noticed great improvements. The feeling was back in her hands! Rose also had lower back pain, which slowly but surely went away. “I feel wonderful”, Rose exclaims. Her work as a student advisor has improved, because now she can greet the students” with a proper warming handshake”.

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