Ulcerative Colitis

When I first started seeing Dr. Furshman, I had been receiving treatment from a GI in the form of about 20 pills a day. (A combination of muscle relaxants,steroids,and general antibiotics). Throughout my treatment with that Doctor, I was told I would never be cured and that I would likely be on those pills for the rest of my life. Through the introduction of a close friend, I started seeing Dr. Furshman three times a week, especially after he told me that he had suffered from the same disease. I started seeing results very quickly, and eventually took myself off all the medicine. After the first five months of treatment by Dr. Furshman, I went back to the GI to check my current condition and was told that I was in total remission. The practice Dr. Furshman works is one of faith in the human body and self, and one that I highly recommend to anyone with any kind of health problem. My introduction to him and his type of medicine has truly been a gift from GOD.

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