Pre-Cancer Cells

Ceci Wiltz was introduced into our chiropractic family through Frank Rosell. Ceci had pre-cancer cells already developing and when she heard of a treatment, free of any drugs or painful therapies, she immediately signed up for an appointment. After six months Ceci was able to see the difference that the adjustments she had been receiving were granting her. She has been able to discontinue medications and let her body take control completely. “My last pap came back negative and the doctor seems very positive it will not return.” Says a very thankful Ceci. The danger of cancer cells beginning to develop is something that Dr. Furshman has had experience in dealing with. He supported Ceci and through her adjustments, has given her body the power to get rid of those nasty cells. Ceci is grateful and says” everyone is very helpful and caring, thanks!” Dr. Furshman is a firm believer in what he practices and his patients are the living proof that supports him. Ceci’s body has changed in such little time, after all the power to eliminate pre-cancer cells is no easy task-but just after six months of chiropractic care, Ceci astounds everybody.

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