Neck, Shoulder, Back, Trouble Breathing

When I first met Dr. Davis, I had a lot of problems with health. I had been diagnosed with cervical spondylosis in 1988, and had been experiencing daily neck, back, and shoulder pains for 14 years. I also had trouble breathing deeply because of allergies, which caused me to have severe coughing spells. This made it extremely difficult to participate in the choral singing I had previously enjoyed. Dr. Davis told me that scoliosis and cervical spondylosis could be treated by chiropractic, and I started to regain the mobility in my neck, after the first few visits. Today, I no longer have neck, back, or shoulder pains, and my neck is described as “supple”, in my medical reports. I can breathe deeply once again, and am now singing solos in musicals. I am grateful to Dr. Davis and her staff for the positive changes they have brought about in my life, through regular chiropractic adjustments. I strongly recommend chiropractic to everyone.
-Owen Cooke

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