Relief for Severe Back Pain with Chiropractic Care

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Relief for Severe Back Pain with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic dramatically improves our patients’ quality of life by creating healthy lifestyles for patients and improving and preventing subluxations. This patient is a prime example. She was suffering from severe back pain when she came to us for help. We treated the causes of the pain and not the symptoms, without medicine and without invasive surgery. After regular adjustments at our office over a year and a half, her symptoms have disappeared and there has been a return to a more natural, healthy body structure.

How Chiropractic Care Treated Her Back Pain

You can see the difference between her original state on the left and how her body changed on the right, over a year later. The x-rays on the left show a troubled cervical spine, with a subluxation in C1 causing restricted mental flow and nerve impulse.

After care with Dr. Furshman, the C1 spacing has been opened, allowing for better mental and nerve impulse flow. The vertebrae in the cervical spine have openings that provide a passageway for vertebral arteries to pass through and carry fresh blood to the brain. These are present only in the cervical spine, making it extremely important to be in good spinal health there! They also house and protect the spinal cord, making it very important to keep the neck in optimum alignment.

You may also observe the reversed and rigid pre-arthritic “C” curve in the left x-ray. After treatment, the rigid line in the patient’s neck (shown in the x-ray on the left) has been corrected to a natural curve. The cervical spine should have a natural “c-curve” for maximum spinal health, flexibility, and motion.

A healthy spine is the key to a healthy body. These improvements have saved her from pain, and have also given her body the tools to heal itself naturally.

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