Poor Posture – Mala Postura

Poor Posture

Did you know that poor posture such as forward slouching is caused by too little of a neck curve? Did you know that consistent spinal alignments called adjustments enable one to get back their necessary spinal curve?

Did you know that event the elderly can be helped through spinal alignments?

If you know of someone who has poor posture, tell how consistent spinal alignments at our Coral Gables chiropractic office or Hallandale chiropractic office can help them look young again! Ask for an invitation to be evaluated.

Mala Postura

Sabia usted que la mala postura, como jorobarse, es causada por poca curvatura en el cuello? Sabia usted que alineamientos constantes en la espina llamados ajustes, permiten que obtengamos de nuevo una curvatura normal en la espina?

Sabia usted que hasa las personas geriatricas pueden ser beneficiados con los alineamientos de la espina?

Si sabia usted de alguien con mala postura, comenteles como los alineamientos constantes en la espina le ayudara a tener una buena postura! Pida una invitacion para que sea chequeado.

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Dr. Hobie Furshman practices Traditional Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care for which only about four percent of the chiropractors in Florida practice. The Practice's purpose is not to simply cover up symptoms or remove pain, but rather to prevent subluxations and create a healthy lifestyle for their patients. Dr. Furshman's chiropractic office is in Coral Gables and his wife, Dr. Maureen Davis, has a chiropractic office in Hallandale.

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