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Delayed Speech

Did you know that a pinched nerve at the top of the spine can lead to delayed speech in children? Did you know that by correcting this pinched nerve, usually children begin to speak faster? If you know of someone who has children who have not begun to communicate and are concerned, ask for an […]

Infantile Colic and Chiropractic Care

Infantile Colic In a 1985, Dr. Nilsson, M.D. conducted a study on infantile colic and chiropractic adjustments.  In studying 313 infants, 94% of the cases showed successful results following a two-week period of chiropractic adjustments. In addition, 51% of the infants had experienced prior successful treatment using drug therapy. If you know a child suffering […]

Chronic Ear Infections and Kids

Did you know that kids who experience chronic ear infections are prone to developing allergies as they grow older? Ear infections and allergies occur as a result of weakness in the child’s immune system.  A pinched nerve in the child’s spine could cause this weakness in the immune system. If you know of a child […]

Concierge Child Care

Concierge Child Care Takes the Fear Out of Parenting Having a personal doctor on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week for your child is priceless. Have you ever spent an evening in the emergency room only to find out that your child has a simple infection treatable by rest and fluids? Not […]