Elian is a young boy who has not had a full night’s sleep for years due to the congestion he suffers from. His night’s were nothing but cough after cough. He had difficulty breathing during the night, which would stop him from sleeping. His mom, Blanca says that she would stay up for hours, even a full night because it was so bad. Blanca says that she does not remember a night where she did not have to give him medication. The medications were for the congestion, the cough and something to help him sleep. She said she felt horrible popping her young body with drugs all the time. She said that you could even see that he was having mild side effects to the medications he had been taking for so long. He seemed tired all the time, which stopped him from learning at school and playing with his friends.
When Elian began chiropractic care, Blance said that within only 2 weeks of care, she noticed that the coughing at night has lessened and the congestion seems to be going away little by little, slowly and surely. She now has not given him any medication at night and is ecstatic that her son is getting healthier. “He used to snore at night and it’s gone!”(Blanca)

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