Dear Hobie,
We are at the five month mark of the next forty six years of my life and I must report life is great! (When I reach age 100 I plan to let myself go.)
As you know, last May my body was losing a battle with renal cancer. My mind was strong, my resolve to live was unwavering but I had reached a point where I couldn’t walk more than a few steps without assistance and the pain, even with all the drugs my doctor dared to administer, was off the charts.
What kept me going was the love I share with my wife, Paula.
What has been the source of my recovery(a miraculous one if you speak with any of my close friends)is you. Not only the chiropractic treatments but your positive encouragement and the caring that you give to me and all of your patients.
In February of 2004 the best medical minds of the Mayo Clinic, the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and MD Anderson all told me the same thing. Treatment available had less than five percent success rate and success was defined as adding five years to my life. During those five years I would suffer the toxic effects of chemotherapy. With no treatment, I could expect to die within six months.
Both Paula and I were lost as to what to do to fight the disease. Luckily, through the concern of a good friend we met Dr. Mohan, one of your patients, who suggested I visit you.
Every time I approach the entrance to you office and look at the four inch Keystone step up to your doorstep, I am reminded of how far I have come. That first day of my recovery, Paula had to help me negotiate that tiny step and you and Octavo had to help me on and off your treatment table.
Today, just five months later I am walking with confidence, exercising, golfing, and boating,off all medications and pain free. I have a little ache but less and less as the weeks go on.
Prior to meeting you, my friends would visit and cry because they saw a friend who was dying. Today those same friends still cry when we visit but not it’s because their friend is alive and well!
I would be remiss if I did not mention that Paula, since receiving treatment from you over the past five months, no longer suffers from back pain and feels calm even with all of the stress of dealing with my illness.
I know I have a long fight ahead to be cancer free but I am certain I will prevail with your help and the love and caring that I receive from Paula, you and all of my friends.
God Bless You,Your Family and Staff,
Rick McMahon

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