Yes, Infant Care

From birth, Garrison had not been able to have a bowel movement on his own. He was put in neonatal intensive care(NICU) in Anchorage, Alaska. They though he was going to have to be flown to Seattle for emergency surgery. Luckily, they were able to stimulate a bowel movement by using a suppository. So he was able to go home.
We saw several doctors including a pediatric Gastroenterologist, who were unable to help him go without the use of suppositories. The diagnosis was Redundant Sigmoid Colon (extra long colon), and the treatment was to continue to manually stimulate Garrison, until he was old enough fiber to go on his own.
Unwilling to accept this, we took him to a naturopath in Anchorage. The naturopath tried various treatments, which helped the stomach pains but still no success in producing a bowel movement of his own.
The naturopath suggested when we move to Florida to see a Chiropractor, because he may have been traumatized at birth.
After a couple of sessions (adjustments) with Dr. Davis, Garrison is not completely having bowel movements on his own! We are certain this due to the treatment by Dr. Davis as no other factors(food,etc.) were changed.

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