Ramon was working out at Gold’s Gym one day and met, Juan(Dr. Furshman’s assistant) who was at the gym giving complimentary spinal stress evaluations. Ramon decided to get the stress evaluation done and the results were the answer to his questions. Ramon suffered from constipation and “coincidentally”was told by Juan that the pinched nerve that Ramon had on his spine could cause stomach problems like constipation. Ramon decided to make an appointment at our office top so he can be thoroughly evaluated by Dr. Furshman.
Ramon began care immediately and within only the first 3 months saw the results he was looking for. He went from going to the bathroom every 2 days to twice a day. He also says that he has better posture and that his workouts are improving every day. He used to have mild knee pains while working out and they are gone. Ramon says that everyone should be under Chiropractic Care if they want to be healthy.

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