Radiating Arm Pain to Hands

I found out about chiropractic through my massage therapist (a patient of Dr. Furshman’s). He said that my condition needed help of a chiropractor. My problem was sharp pain that radiated from my neck all the way down to my hand. The pains were so severe that even sleeping was uncomfortable. I had trouble falling asleep because the pain was so bad. Losing my sleep at night would affect me the next day. I would be cranky and tired all day long, not to mention the horrible pain on my arm. I was a mess! When I began receiving my adjustments on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s, I noticed the improvements almost immediately. I believe it was only two weeks of regular adjustments that my body started reacting. The pain had lessoned by the second week and now ( 2 more weeks after) the pain is gone. I can’t believe it! This is wonderful! I was able to sleep at night and have a wonderful pain free Christmas, This is definitely a great way to start off a new year. I am thankful for my therapist, Frank for referring me to Dr. Furshman.

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