MS & Parkinson

Did you now that according the below stated article, research now shows great improvements for the Parkinson and Multiple Sclerosis patients under chiropractic care?

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Study Shows Improvement for MS and Parkinson Patients with Chiropractic

A study published on August 2, 2004 in the peer reviewed “Journal of Vertebral Subluxation”, showed that the onset of both Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis were statistically related to trauma to the head and or neck. The study also showed that a high percentage of the patients in this retrospective study benefited significantly from chiropractic care.

This study reviewed the cases of 81 patients with either Parkinson’s Disease or Multiple Sclerosis. Of the 81 patients 78 recalled that they had experienced at least one head or neck trauma prior to the onset of their disease. Of the patients in this study, 39 reported that they were involved in auto accidents, 29 noted that they had been involved in some sort of sporting accidents, such as skiing, horseback riding, cycling, and football and 16 were involved in falls such as on icy sidewalks or down stairs. The length of time between the traumatic event and onset of their disease varied from two months to 30 years.

All 81 patients received specific chiropractic care for correction of vertebral subluxations. The results of this care on the patients were then monitored and recorded. Of the 44 Multiple Sclerosis cases, 40 (91%) reported improvement from the chiropractic care. Of these, 28 showed “substantial” improvement; 8 showed “moderate” improvement; and 5 showed “minor” improvement. No further progression of Multiple Sclerosis was noted in the improved cases during the care period, which ranged from one to five years depending on the patient. Four cases reported “no change” in their condition.APOM View

Of the 37 patients with Parkinson’s Disease, 34 (92%) reported improvement. Of these patients, 16 showed “substantial” improvement; 8 showed “moderate” improvement; and 11 showed “minor” improvement. As with the MS patients, no further progression of Parkinson’s Disease was noted in the improved cases during the care period, which ranged from one to five years depending on the patient. Three cases reported “no change” in their condition.

The conclusions published in the Journal showed that a causal link exists between trauma-induced upper cervical (neck) injury and disease onset for both Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease. Correcting the injury to the upper cervical spine with chiropractic seemed to arrest and reverse the progression of both of these diseases in the patients in this study. These results offer hope to patients who suffer from these debilitating diseases.

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