Fractures – Fracturas


Did you know that routine chiropractic adjustments help improve how quickly and efficiently the body heals? Did you know that if one suffers a fracture, and is being adjusted, the ability of the body to heal is optimized?

If you know of someone who has recently had a fracture, or is having a problem healing from an old fracture, ask for an invitation to have their spine checked. You could help to greatly improve their life.


Sabia usted que los ajustes quiropracticos de rutina ayudan a reforzar cuan rapido y eficiente el cuerpo puede sanarse? Sabia usted que i uno sufre de una fractura, y esta siendo ajustado, la habilidad del cuerpo para sanarse es optima?

Si sabe de alguien que recientemente ha sufrido una fractura, o tiene problemas para sanar una fractura vieja, pida una invitacion para que le sea chequeada su espina.  Usted podria ayudar a mejorar su vida inmensamente.

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