Bad Attitude, Eczema, & Frequent Colds

Zavian is only 4 years old, and suffered from eczema all his life until recently. Zavian was introduced to chiropractic care through his mother Michella who wanted her handsome son to be healthy and happy like and parent would. Zavian also had a very bad attitude, was not that sociable with other people, and was about to start pre-school. Like and concerned parent, Michella spoke to Dr. Davis and realized that Chiropractic could help her son in many different ways. First thing Michella did was go to her local health department, got a Vaccination exemption for her children, and started him on a wellness plan. One month after his care, all of Zavian’s family and friends saw an improvement with him. People would say to me, “who is this kid? He’s not the same person, whatever you’re doing keep it up!”Zavain has not had an exzema break out in months, and has not gotten sick since he started his care. “We can now go to Chuck E Cheese, the park, and even the stores without being embarrassed!” , Michella said. Michella was so impressed with his great results; she now has her sister and neice receiving care also, “my son loves coming to the office. He loves the scan evaluations in the back with Dan, and when he is all green, he tells Dr. Davis that he is as strong as the Hulk.” Nevertheless, his favorite part is when Dr. Davis pulls on his neck and tells him it’s time to grow. If you are a parent and want a non-drug solution to your problems, try CHIROPRACTIC Care first! “It worked for my son and changed our lives for the best”.

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