Dogs Have Spines too!

Dogs have spines too!
Hello! My name is Spencer! I am a 13 year old Yorkshire Terrier and I have live quite a life! My mom, Carolyn loves me very much and is always concerned about me and my well being. I practically used to live at my veterinarian’s office because of my hip problems. My vet told my mom that he wanted to do surgery to make it better. I was scared of surgery and so was my mom. Luckily, my mom spoke with her cool Chiropractor, Dr. Furshman (who I love to bark at and sometimes nibble on his ankles) and he said,” get him adjusted, he has a spine just like you do, right?” So my mom gave it a shot and all I know is that I came into his office limping (as I walked by his cute assistant, Cristy) was adjusted and was able to strut my stuff (limp free) back through the waiting room and go on home like a new pup! I get adjusted on Fridays and I don’t even need surgery. Isn’t like swell?? Boy, am I one lucky dog!

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