Bed Wetting, Diabetes

Gianni, diagnosed a year ago with diabetes, has to take insulin to keep his blood-sugar levels normal. He sees a specialist every three months, to monitor his blood. Gianni’s father, like any other father, wants to best for his son. After speaking with Dr. Furshman, he made an appointment for Gianni, with Dr. Davis. The first adjustment had an impact. After a year and a half of chronic bedwetting, Gianni woke with dry sheets! After two adjustments, Gianni was able to go a night without his insulin. Thank you to Gianni and his father, we look forward to the next testimonial!
These misalignments cause pressure on the nerves which are responsible for controlling the bladder. Therefore the child loses the ability to control the urge for urination and bedwetting results. Through chiropractic adjustments, the pressure on the nerve is relieved. Relaxation of the nerve directly affects the child’s ability to control urination, and bedwetting subsides. Jordan, has made great improvement since beginning his care two months ago. His control has improved greatly which is turn has made this young man more happy and confident. Jordan is another example of how chiropractic works.

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