Karen Rubens originally brought her son, Ely, to our office for a checkup. She wanted her son subluxation free, so he would never need any medications. One week when Ely started teething, he came down with Croup, a very heavy and harsh cough. She brought him to the medical doctor, who prescribed medication and said it would go away in about a week or longer. Not satisfied with that, Karen brought Ely to see Dr. Davis. She adjusted Ely and told Karen this would go away quickly. The next day, Ely’s croup was gone! Karen was thrilled that her baby stopped suffering. “He was very fussy with the teething, but after the adjustment, he is much happier and calmer sweet baby”, Karen said. Karen adds, “Ely loves the doctor and staff. I’m ensuring a better future for him with chiropractic care.”

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