Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease is a serious problem to the sufferer’s digestive system. It can make every meal a struggle just to sit and finish, without having to run to the restroom. It can make leading a normal life extremely difficult. Suffering with Crohn’s disease, Cynthia Mori could not lead a normal life. She lacked energy, since she could not stay on a normal diet. This abnormal diet robbed Cynthia of important vitamins and minerals, so her immune system was not at its optimal level. Cynthia worrying about her health just added to the stresses in her life.
Thank goodness Ramon, a friend of Cynthis’s, invited her to our office. Her evaluation showed her brain was not able to fully connect with the digestive organs, and make them work properly.
After eight months of consistent chiropractic care, Cynthia now leads a different life. She no longer take the anti-inflammatory pills, the steroids, or the pain medication (30 pills a day). She has more energy now, and is walking 3 times per week. She has less stress and her immune system is stronger. Cynthia refers her friends and family to enjoy their own improvements, through chiropractic care! ☺

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