Brain Damage

My story not only concerns persistence but as well godly intervention. Almost twenty years ago, I was nearly killed when a drunk driver hit my car. The impact was so devastating that my friend in the car was killed. Even though I survived, my life would never be the same. As a result of that dreadful evening, I spent the next year in and out of the hospital. I spent three months in a coma as a result of permanent brain injury. The multiple fractures of my pelvis stole away my ability to walk. During my stay in the hospital, my heart had stopped on three different occasions, adding to my brain damage.
Up until two years ago, my life was spent trying to survive normal daily rituals while dealing with the severity of pain associated to the 14 broken bones from the accident. My life consisted of going from one doctor to the next and then to a therapist. The health care professionals, however, saw no improvement in sight. They stated that the use of walking aids would eventually turn into a wheelchair due to the arthritis, which would develop as a result of the trauma to my pelvis.
Then God brought me to Dr. Davis. On this Thursday, my therapist was out of town. The muscles of my shoulders were raging with pain and I need something to control the burning. I had met Dr. Davis one year prior while she was completing her internship. Luckily, she had opened her own office within a mile and had room to see me. What I didn’t know was that this office visit would change my life. Instead of going through the motions as the other therapist, Dr. Davis began our visit by truly educating me about my body. She explained the wonderful power of Chiropractic.

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