Body Aches as a result of Auto Accident

Olga Vazquez recalls the terrible day of February 12th, 2005 when she was involved in a car accident. This car accident left her with body aches and pains that were almost unbearable. She began chiropractic care with Dr. Furshman, feverishly coming in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. After only two months of her continuous care-she was able to feel a difference. Soon she was able to completely discontinue all pain medications that actually caused sleepiness and drowsiness throughout her day. Olga is relieved to say that she no longer suffers from body aches or the side affects of pain medications. Her body is free from any further damage done by either and she is glad. Because of all this, Olga’s work day is easier, she is able to retain attentiveness and alertness-which earlier, were tainted by the medications sleepy side affects. Olga actually referred her husband for chiropractic care because he was involved in the same accident. She notes that he is doing extremely well and his body aches are gone as well. He claims that chiropractic care has him feeling 21 years younger!

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