Relief for Wrist Pain and Acid Reflux with Chiropractic Care

What a difference chiropractic care can make! This patient was suffering from wrist pain and acid reflux.  After regular adjustments at our office, her symptoms have now been relieved! What once disrupted her life daily and caused pain has been removed without the use of medication.

You can see the difference in her xrays from when she began chiropractic care (on the left) to where she is now, just over a year later (on the right).  What improvements have been made?

  • The Atlas bone spacing  on the right  xray is much more even. This is critical because the Atlas is how the brain communicates with the spine and the rest of the body. When it becomes out of place due to stress over time, health problems begin.
  • Also the spacing between the third and fourth vertebrae has improved. On the left you can see that there was little spacing between the two vertebrae and on the right you can see how they are now much more evenly spaced. It’s no coincidence that this is where symptoms such as reflux and wrist pain stem from! You may also notice that Dr. Furshman noted that this area also controls the neck, shoulders, heart, and breasts.
  • Last but not least, you can see the difference in the curvature of the spine. The xray on the right shows that curve has dramatically improved!

Not only do these improvements allow for her to live a more productive life free from pain and excess medication, but also her body is better equipped to heal naturally and much more quickly.