Did you know that a pinched nerve in the lower back will make one susceptible to high blood sugar disease known as diabetes? By correcting this pinched nerve, you can more closely control your blood sugar without the use of insulin?

If you know of someone using insulin and would like a more health oriented approach, ask for an invitation. You could change their lives.

Sabia usted que un nervio pinchade en la parte baja de la espalda lo hace a uno susceptible a alta azucar en la sangre o diabetes? Sabi useted que corrigiendo el nervio pinchado, usted puede controlar su nivel de azucar mas facilmente sin utilizar insulina?

Si sabe de alguien que utiliza insulina y necesita orientacion acerca de la salud, pida una invitacion para que venga a ser evaluado. Podria cambiarale la vida.

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