Knee Arthritis

Did you know that irregular wearing due to one having uneven hips usually causes knee arthritis? Did you know that chiropractic adjustments can help to even your hips? By evening your hips the knee arthritis stops getting worse and can even reverse.

If you know someone who is suffering from knee arthritis, bring them in to have their hips checked. This could keep them active for years to come.

About DrFurshman

Dr. Hobie Furshman practices Traditional Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care for which only about four percent of the chiropractors in Florida practice. The Practice's purpose is not to simply cover up symptoms or remove pain, but rather to prevent subluxations and create a healthy lifestyle for their patients. Dr. Furshman's chiropractic office is in Coral Gables and his wife, Dr. Maureen Davis, has a chiropractic office in Hallandale.

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