Furshman and Davis Coral Gables Chiropractic May Newsletter

What is change?

Last year over 100,000 Americans died from reactions to prescription medications. Therefore, 25 times more people died from medical doctor direction than from four years of the Iraq war.

We, as a nation, spend 10 times more on chronic healthcare than other nation in the world. We, as a nation, rank  #70 in chronic healthcare success in the world.

Ninety five percent of all Polio cases in the United States are a result of “catching” the disease from a vaccinations.

We do need change.

Chiropractic is the needed change. Last year, chiropractic was ranked as the #1 healthcare professional in patient satisfaction. Chiropractic is the true anti-drug.

Make a change in yourself, your family, and your neighbor. Regain the faith that your body knows best.  Become, once again, child-like. Live a life of faith, not of fear.  Change by deciding to thrive instead of just survive!

Family Day

Furshman and Davis Chiropractic Centers in Coral Gables and Hallandale will be hosting Family Day on Monday, May 30 from 8:00 a.m. to noon. All new patients will receive a consultation, evaluation, x-ray, and their first two adjustments for FREE. Space is limited. Call for your reservation. Coral Gables: (305) 668-9545 Hallandale: (954) 241-0145


Congrats to Edmond Saade, this month’s practice member of the month! Thank you for daring to care!

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