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Insomnia, Dizziness, Numbness in Arms and Shoulder Pain

Giovanni was introduced to Chiropractic through Olga. He came to our office because he was suffering from insomnia, dizziness, numbness in arms, and shoulder pain. Due to the severity of pain Giovanni’s work was now being affected. Giovanni’s job entails long hours in front of a computer. With the above mentioned pain his job performance […]

To be Healthy!

Joan Keller wanted just that, to be healthy. That was her goal when she came in for a checkup at our office. She was diagnosed diabetic years ago, but didn’t really have any complaints. Joan’s husband referred her after experiencing improvements with his own health. Joan noticed her own improvements after 6 weeks! Her shoulder […]

Dizziness & Back Pain

Elena was introduced to chiropractic by her fellow co-workers Edgar and Norma Gonzalez. Prior to this, she spent long hours in bed resting, due to the fact that every time she went to get up she would instantly get dizzy. Not only did it interfere with her life at home, but, also with her daily […]

High Blood Pressure, Diabetes

Edith Pratt was referred by her very good friend Avion. She came into our office because she was suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. In just 3 months of consistent adjustments, Edith was able to discontinue taking her meds for high blood pressure and diabetes! Edith is so happy that her bp has gone […]


Lucy began her care with Dr. Matt six months ago. When she began she was taking insulin for her diabetes. The sugar problems were causing her to feel tired and weak as well as depressed. Within five months of upper cervical subluxation correction, her blood sugar is normal. She went from 200 to 120, She […]