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Repetitive Ear Infections

Batya Sagotsky had been suffering with repetitive ear infections until her pediatrician referred her to our office. Batya was taking antibiotics to treat and hopefully prevent any reoccurrences of infections in her ears without success. After only one week of care, her mother Suzanne had stopped giving the antibiotics to her daughter and her amazement, […]

Drug Free Healing

Pain medications, like aspirin or Ibuprofen, are not cures for pain, they just “treat” the symptom. They do this by blocking the messages to the brain that there is an injury. If the brain does not know there is a problem, it will not try and fix it. This slows the healing process. Javier Bustamonte […]

Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy

The conservative method of chiropractic care is one way of improving the quality of life for children with Down Syndrome as well as Cerebral Palsy. Some of the improvements these children with down syndrome manifest under Chiropractic care include more calmness, and increase in patience, as well as increased abilities in walking and running, along […]

Dogs Have Spines too!

Dogs have spines too! Hello! My name is Spencer! I am a 13 year old Yorkshire Terrier and I have live quite a life! My mom, Carolyn loves me very much and is always concerned about me and my well being. I practically used to live at my veterinarian’s office because of my hip problems. […]

Dizziness, Headaches, Low Back Pain, Constipation and Nausea

Johanel was introduced to chiropractic through Octavio. She came to our office because she was suffering from dizziness, headaches, low back pain constipation and nausea. Johanel is a nurse at a hospital so because of her severe conditions it was very difficult for her to handle lifting or moving around the patients or just handle […]